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Successfully Entering the Mobile Marketplace

April 22, 2013

There have been hundreds of articles about how mobile targeted advertising is exploding within your space, however, with most advertisers I come across there still resides an abundance of confusion about the traffic and the correct way to market to it.

With approximately 115 million smart phone or 74 million tablet users in the U.S, according to a recent Mobile Marketer article, if you are actively advertising online right now you’re definitely getting some form of mobile traffic.  But, are you doing your best to convert them on their device of choice?

Start small in understanding what types of mobile devices are offering you some success in the leads they generate, and then expand out to other devices and tablets.  It is known that ISP’s such as AOL or cable typically produce an older demographic consumer. The same theory applies for lead generation and performance marketing via tablets or smartphones.

Mobile devices are going to evolve, and simultaneously advertisers will be forced to adapt their process, landing pages and the customer’s experience.  The mobilization of consumers into this traffic type will only serve to boost the exposure of consumers online advertising, but it is up to the advertiser to fully understand what to do in order to best evolve with the consumer.

by Melissa Filipkowski

For more information contact Tina @ 888.413.9186

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