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Application Control Automation Drives Improved Performance With McAfee

May 24, 2013

The security threats that we face are getting ever more harmful. Organisations need to take a more proactive and preventative approach to protecting their applications and sensitive information. “Taking back control in today’s threat landscape” a Bloor whitepaper which reviews the current threat landscape and how to mitigate the evolving issues businesses face today.

Highlights include

  1. How application automation is changing the way an organization is protected
  2. How centralization of integrated controls is reducing costs and improving compliance
  • New White Paper: “Taking back control in today’s threat landscape”

    Discover the role that integrity control plays in defending networks against attack.

A proactive stance to security based on ensuring that only trusted applications can be run and unwanted changes that could introduce vulnerabilities are not allowed to be made will provide organisations with a greater level of protection against targeted threats. Learn how organisations that take this approach are seeing benefits in security and operational cost reduction

Take a look at the new White Paper Here: McafeeWhitePaper-bloor-application-change-control


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