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BYOC or B-Y Oh Noooo

September 9, 2013

BYOC- Bring your own computer is the new normal for enterprises.  Many employees are working from home or on the road using PC’s to the newest smartphones.   Take a look at the challenges businesses are facing and how you can fix the problem with Mcafee.

This move to employee-owned mobile devices brings new challenges to companies, including:

  • Implementing and enforcing policies on mobile devices with different operating systems, browsers, and sets of applications
  • Stopping malware on employee-owned devices from infecting the corporate network
  • Implementing web filtering policies that are flexible enough to allow access to mobile apps, but strict enough to maintain compliance with industry rules
  • Protecting sensitive corporate data and intellectual property stored on smartphones and laptops
  • Managing and securing data transmitted on mobile platform

To combat these risks and enable a safe, productive mobile workforce, companies need to:

  • Ensure all endpoints meet IT compliance standards prior to allowing network access
  • Limit device access to authorized user
  • Control which users are permitted to access specific applications
  • Manage web application use
  • Shut down access and wipe the data if a device is lost or stolen or an employee resigns

To ensure these challenges don’t happen to your business call a Mcafee Rep @ 888.413.9186

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