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Are You Being Heard??

February 19, 2014

How do you rate customer service? Is it your first concern when starting with a new company? Or maybe you jump right in with a new company and later find out the hard way with horrible service.  Hopefully you haven’t had bad service and still have high expectations of what “excellent” customer service really is.  Here is a refresher if you haven’t been so lucky:


1. First things first. Getting in touch with customer service! We understand that the last thing you want to do is play the waiting game.  That’s why we are always here for you.  Email, phone or text! We want to talk to you as badly as you want to talk to us. 

2. Identify.  We will work hard to make sure we identify your problem quickly and efficiently.  We don’t give up easily (or ever). 

3. We have our full and complete attention on YOU.  Our office will stop what we are doing to help you. We work as a team and your the MVP. 

4. We listen.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to just get someone to listen.  We want to understand completely how we can help you. Or if you just want to call and say “hi” we get that too 🙂 

So, let me ask you again. How do you rate customer service? 

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