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Business Owner Challenge…..

March 12, 2014

Let’s try this again and this time look at your phone bill for your business.


challengeOver the past 15 years in this industry I have come across many excuses as to why businesses don’t want to change their payment provider.

  • Too busy
  • I have to run…
  • Not interested
  • Or even, CLICK!!! (on the phone)

The sad part about it is these owners really have NO IDEA what they are actually paying to accept credit cards.

So, here is my challenge……


I know this may be more challenging for some but dust off those envelopes you’ve been avoiding and open them up (some of you for the first time).  Look at that total number you are paying. Satisfied? Probably not. If you are, GREAT!  Most people are shocked at what they see when they take 5 min to sit down and look at everything they are being charged.  Now, get your cup of coffee or adult…

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