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SMB’s, It’s Time To Upgrade Your Customer Service!

October 13, 2014

Are first impressions important to your business?  Do you talk to your customers on the phone before meeting them in person or maybe you never meet them in person?  As an owner of a small to medium size business you must know how crucial it is for your business to sound professional.   Let me explain….

Have you called a company and you were put on hold in SILENCE? Didn’t that feel like you were waiting forreevvvverrrrrr???  Then you start to get a feeling of frustration and then maybe your mind wonders to “who are these people on the other end of the phone?”  Instead, you can have hold on music to a feel good song and while your waiting you can enjoy yourself just a little bit more until that person comes back on the phone.

Maybe you are the one on the other end of the phone and you’re trying to find the right person to take this customers call or you’re not at your desk and your phone rings?  Why not have a system that will find your cell phone or tell your customers what to press to get to the department they want and save you both valuable time.

Don’t risk losing customers over an easy fix.  In no time you can sound like a big company with small prices.

Your business (and customers) can’t suffer any longer, call us! 888.413.9186

While you’re at it, check us out at and watch a video on how we can help!

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