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Pacific BMW Discovers Reliability in Communications with RingCentral

December 22, 2014

“With RingCentral, I like that I can just give out my desk number rather than my personal cell phone number and still be available to assist my colleagues,” says Chi Yun Wang, Building and Safety Manager of Pacific BMW. “I also have the flexibility to make administrative changes quickly and easily, even if I am not in the office.”

Maintaining professionalism and privacy

Several of the capabilities offered by RingCentral Office have improved internal and external communications. The Softphone and easy-to-use fax are features that are heavily used by all of Pacific BMW’s employees. The paging feature is a favorite of the sales team, as are call groupsand call forwarding. Supervisors, managers, and department heads use the RingCentral Mobile App so that they’re readily available to their employees and customers.

Read more about why one of the largest BMW dealerships on the West Coast rely on the communication of RingCentral.

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