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Cyberattacks Start With Your Employees??

February 23, 2015

“Negligent employees are the most common cause of data breaches…A security plan without active participation by your employees is like an alarm system that’s never switched on.”
– Forbes

According to a recent Forbes article, “83% of SMBs (small to medium size businesses) take no formal measures against cyberthreats – even though almost half of all attacks are aimed at SMBs.”

As a cybercriminal’s easiest prey, your employees are doing all they can to protect your network environment and guard your sensitive data – Right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, studies show that your own employees are actually the leading cause of cyberattacks.

Let us help you stay safe from cyberattacks and give you the tools to help your employees stay compliant.  Give us a call 888.413.9186

-Information provided by Fobes and ControlScan

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