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Cyber Threat The Final 4

February 12, 2016

Has your data occurred to you like its been held for ransom?  Well it might be the on going problem of “Ransomeware” not only for individuals and small businesses, it can certainly also find its way onto compromised systems within an enterprise environment.

CryptoLocker was perhaps the most notorious instance of Ransomeware – a piece of malware that would lock the files on an infected computer and demand that the end user provide payment to the operator of the attack.

The Zombie Army aka Botnet use to distribute CryptoLocker was shut down, there are similar types of malware that persist. For businesses  who have a work force working off premise and  connecting to work networks, there exists the concern that not just personal systems , but systems holding a companies critical data could be locked by hackers on an infected system.

The past four posts I hope have been of value and to empower your organization to take action with one of  your most important creations you have built, your business!  Keep it real, keep it in action and keep it locked up!



Cyber Security Threats 2016 – Part 3

February 1, 2016

Monday ~ Monday!  Awesome people we are moving into “Hacks Targeting User Data” and it would be hard to miss the hack of shhhhh! Ashley Madison website that made headlines this past summer and not to mention dropped a name or two, yikes! Then T-Mobile, Experian and VTech it makes one wonder, who’s watching the store.

Let’s consider Big Data requires new tools to filter traffic and secure networks. More then just authenticating access once,  keeping track of the coming and going and any suspicious behavior.

Analyzing the anomalies in your network is highly recommend and asking yourself is there encrypted data or suspicious behavior?  Who is logging in and out, what is being accessed?

Suspicious activity using a transaction monitor, SQL server logs, application logs, or network session data? 

Has your server been manipulated or configurations changed. Is everything still in compliance with security policies?

Are there any changes in the infrastructure configuration management and vulnerability and is everything in compliance with your security policy?

Analyze everything, consolidate risk and protection, choose your data sources and anonymize your data traffic.  These are just some of the ways big data is changing enterprise security. Keep developing security strategies that target big data weaknesses.

Till next time, Keep your eye on the store!


Cyber Security Threats 2016 – Part 2

January 15, 2016

Welcome back! And it’s Friday, I am hopeful your week was successful and productive!  If your organization is concerned about security take a look at the case of APTS – ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREATS .

APT, sophisticated social engineering – such as meticulously targeted phishing – is combined with sophisticated technological tools that can camouflage themselves on networks and relay information back to a central server in order to very explicitly fool an enterprise and steal data.  According to IT association  ISACA , one of four  companies or 28% have already experienced an APT attack.

Internationally deployed and targeted with a specific goal in mind, APTs represent a growing threat, especially to government enterprises. They tend to go a long time without being either discovered or effectively cleaned, leading to very large amounts of top-secret data being stolen of a duration of months, if not years.

It is more critical than ever for cyber security leaders, IT professionals and business owners to have a thorough understanding of these threats, and to be prepared to quickly and effectively respond.”

Next week – Hacks Targeting User Data..

Cyber Security Threats 2016 – Part 1

January 11, 2016

To say that data breaches are a growing problem is perhaps an understatement.  The frequency with which enterprises of all sizes have found themselves targets, and victims of online criminality, has increased at a fantastic rate.  From public schools, government institutions, health care, private and publicity owned businesses appear to be at risk for fraud and cyber attacks.  But there is hope! Security professionals are finding ways to get ahead of the threats . The malware and the people using it are getting smarter and a new model, based intelligence, is  necessary.

Intelligence on where threats are arising, their capabilities and their targets – is necessary to keep up with the threats. That is digital threat intelligence.

To keep an enterprise secure and understand the role of digital threat intelligence we will take a look at the most recent trending exploits to appear on the cyber threat landscape. Till next time lock it up and stay secure!



January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this year will bring.  There will be new technology to learn, new social media to implement and creating new marketing for our businesses.

I will be creating new posts that will be engaging, something to think about and it is my intention that you will be inspired to take action with your business that brings liveliness, growth, fun and thrive so your excited about 2016.

2016 start your engines!


November 2, 2015

Baiting, Click-Jacking, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Doxing, Elicitation and Pharming.  According to Facebook people in the US spend 9 hours every day with digital media and 40 minutes of those 9 are on Facebook. We reach out to our friends, business associates and loved ones. We at times enjoy sharing videos, funny crazy posts and look forward to the Happy Birthdays.

Here are some helpful hints to be aware and think about so keep your privacy private. Have a great week!

And by the way if you need anything regarding your business growth check out my website here.


October 30, 2015

Have a safe and enjoyable “Halloween or Harvest” weekend!

P.S.No that is not my child:)

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