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November 2, 2015

Baiting, Click-Jacking, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Doxing, Elicitation and Pharming.  According to Facebook people in the US spend 9 hours every day with digital media and 40 minutes of those 9 are on Facebook. We reach out to our friends, business associates and loved ones. We at times enjoy sharing videos, funny crazy posts and look forward to the Happy Birthdays.

Here are some helpful hints to be aware and think about so keep your privacy private. Have a great week!

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October 30, 2015

Have a safe and enjoyable “Halloween or Harvest” weekend!

P.S.No that is not my child:)


August 18, 2015

Having a sixteen year background in payment processing and all that goes with it is constantly changing.  And in today’s data security environment it is critical to be engaged in protecting my clients best interest and that is their business.  Here are six excellent requirements for PCI Compliance an MSP must put in place:

Build and maintain a secure network

~Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholders data.

~Not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters.

Protect cardholders data

~Protect stored cardholders data.

~Encrypt transmission of cardholders data across open, public networks.

Maintain a vulnerability management program

~Use and regularly update anti-virus software.

~Develope and maintain secure systems and applications.

Implement strong access control measures

~Restrict access to cardholders data by businesses need-to-know.

~Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access.

~Restrict physical access to cardholders data.

Regularly monitor and test networks

~Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholders data.

~Regularly test security systems and processes.

Maintain an information security policy

~Maintain a policy that addresses information security.

It is important not only to educate our clients regarding data protection from terminal hardware and WiFi based terminals, the importance of PCI Compliance are the standards to which we operate as a group to ensure we are providing the best technology.  Thank you and Margaret Rouse from 


July 17, 2015

A simple message to my followers! Enjoy your weekend!


July 7, 2015

EMV is the buzz for retailers migrating to new terminal technology in the US and the deadline is right around the corner for US merchants, October, 2015. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard,Visa and was introduced in the 90’s and has replaced the magnetic stripe in Europe. The benefits for US merchants in the retail market is that the Chip embedded credit card is used in person and creates a unique code that cannot be re-used.  Further benefits if a card is stolen and a new counterfeit card created the unique code would not be usable and any future fraudulent attempts would be declined at the point of sale transaction.

Good news for retail how about the hundreds of thousands of online merchants? Since the Chip cards will make it harder for fraudsters to clone credit cards they will make their move to the Card-Not-Present online businesses.  History has a funny way of repeating itself, when Europe transitioned to EMV the CNP merchant experienced an increase of fraudulent transactions from £45 million to £181.7 million five years later, ouch!

How can online merchants protect themselves from these fraudsters? Do your homework by seeking reliable authentication technology providers,Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, Hosted Tokenization and Risk Management tools. You have worked hard to build your business online so keep your eye on the ball and get the facts today! The liability is about to shift to the merchant.

Free Consultation email or call 888.413.9186.


June 12, 2015

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) released survey results today showing only 34 percent of US merchants will be EMV-ready by the October 2015 deadline, and just 53 percent of merchants are expected to be fully compliant by 2017 – more than 15 months after the deadline. EMV, or “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa,” is a globally accepted card standard that uses an embedded microchip to provide unique data protection when the card is inserted into a chip-card reader. Most card accepting US merchants may be liable for fraudulent transactions if they are not “EMV compliant” by October 1, 2015.

TSG survey finds just 34% of merchants in the US will be EMV-ready by October 2015.  For more information click here BusinessWire.

If your not EMV ready contact PayLab Plus @ 


June 9, 2015

Why should you, as a merchant, comply with the PCI Security Standards? At first glance, especially if you are a smaller organization, it may seem like a lot of effort, and confusing to boot. But not only is compliance becoming increasingly important, it may not be the headache you expected. Compliance with data security standards can bring major benefits to businesses of all sizes, while failure to comply can have serious and long-term negative consequences. Here are some reasons why:

  • Compliance with the PCI DSS means that your systems are secure, and customers can trust you with their sensitive payment card information:
  • Compliance improves your reputation with acquirers and payment brands — the partners you need in order to do business
  • Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. It helps prevent security breaches and theft of payment card data, not just today, but in the future
  • Compliance has indirect benefits
  • If you are not compliant, it could be disastrous
  • You’ve worked hard to build your business – make sure you secure your success by securing your customers’ payment card data. Your customers depend on you to keep their information safe – repay their trust with compliance to the PCI Security Standards.

Be informed and protect your business for more information click here PCI Security Standards Council.

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